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Dr Jon Swain

Dr Jonathan Swain

Specialist Periodontist

Jon Swain has been in Specialist Periodontal Practice for over 20 years. His qualifications include a Masters in Dental Science in Periodontics (University of Melbourne), a Masters In Public Health (UWA).

Dr Eman El Hassan

Dr Eman El Hassan

Specialist Periodontist, BDS, DClinDent (Perio), MRACDS (Perio)

Eman El Hassan specialises in the treatment of gum disease, regenerative periodontal therapy, soft tissue reconstructive plastic surgery and surgical placement of dental implants. Dr. El Hassan is committed to providing highest standard of care and comfort for her patients.

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What is a Periodontist?

A Periodontist is a dental specialist. Periodontists are experts on the ligaments, gums and bone that support teeth, along with the tissues that support dental implants.


Their primary focus is diagnosis and treatment of gum disease, but they manage and treat other conditions that affect the gums and bone.


They have a high level of skill and knowledge in specialised procedures, including the growing of new bone, correcting defects in the gum tissue, the placement of dental implants and undertaking procedures that change the shape or contour of the gums and bones around teeth.


Training to become a periodontist requires firstly qualification & practice as a dentist followed an additional 3 years of university study.