Sinus Lift

  • Diagnosis & Procedure

    After a careful examination and study of the dental condition, bone loss has been ascertained where a tooth is missing in the upper jaw.

    During this procedure, the gums are lifted back to permit better access to the maxillary sinus. During the surgery, a bone-graft material is placed in the sinus. Collagen membranes may also be used, depending on the type of bone defect present. Membranes tend to hold and protect the bone graft material in place while it heals, as the gum will be sutured back into position over the above materials.

  • Benefits & Alternatives

    The purpose of bone sinus lift surgery is to grow/replace lost bone in the rear maxillary region (upper jaw) to hopefully allow dental implant placement either at the same time as this surgery or 3-9 months later.

    The alternatives to sinus augmentation surgery may include:

    1. No treatment
    2. Dental bridgework (if there are good adjacent teeth for supporting a fixed bridge)
    3. Removable partial dentures
    4. No teeth replacement